• 22 Mayıs 2024
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Kimden: John Hibbard
Konu: Paid Advertising on dalgicmobilyadekorasyon.com

İleti Gövdesi:
Hi dalgicmobilyadekorasyon.com Admin,

I am curious to know how much you would charge for a link insertion in an existing post?

Do you also allow the publication of sponsored posts on your blog? What’s the fee?

If you prefer EXCHANGE instead of paid linking, we may get you featured on any of any of the following websites:

ecommercefastlane.com (DR:71, Traffic:80.6K)
coolbio.org (DR:64, Traffic:102K)
vyvymangaa.us (DR:48, Traffic:135K)

You won’t have to link back to the same website but some other one.

This is called 3-way link exchange, the safest link building method works today.

We’ve over 8K+ sites in our inventory with real organic traffic, if you want to look for more options for exchange.

If you’re interested, please feel free to contact me via email at sebmarketer@gmail.com

Best of Regards

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